Raising Of The Kundalini


There is one God with different aspects of himself. By nature God is both male and  female. The Father, the Mother. But yet the same one God.
God is androgynous (in mind/characteristics/identity not hermaphrodite in body)and also all things that was created. There are many things asexual (no fusion of gametes or no need to mix seeds with another)
God is complete and uses different aspects of himself for whatever he wants them for. So he used the mixture of his own male female aspects in creation. Since we were created male and female (androgynous)  in his image, we can use these male female aspects of our selves to create both our spiritual and physical worlds.
The actual male, female (different sexes) in the flesh is for creating physical beings and experiencing nature. God formed Adam (the physical/conscious mind/mankind, a bodily male and female) and he became a living SOUL (A Soul/mind animated in a physical vehicle) But in order to function better God gave Adam a help meet ( a supporter/subconscious mind, not a sexual partner) This is why Eve was not formed from the ground because the subconscious was already a part of Adam ( God put Adam to sleep and gave form to his subconscious mind in other words Adam was awakened to the fact that the subconscious existed and was a part of him) God told mankind/the conscious mind/Adam not to eat/partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (not to see differences/duality/separateness)

God knew once mankind realized the duality of mind he would not be able to keep his high spirituality because both minds have to agree in order to work correctly.
Both minds,  the male conscious mind and female subconscious minds have to work together to create. But the creative forces ( sexual energy) burned and mankind began to rationalize in his mind why it would be OK to partake of these energies in the flesh and use them for other then spiritual  reasons. The subconscious mind told the conscious mind it would be OK to use the sexual energies for pleasure.
So they disobeyed and used them.  God then, in essence told them OK then go ahead but your conscious and subconscious minds will always disagree unless you work to make them one. The task to do so will be very hard and since you want to use the sexual creative energies for pleasure then creating  will be very hard and painful. God directed this to the creative female, the subconscious/sympathetic nervous system.
Although God knows of duality,  in the highest levels of mind there is only unity. God sees the light and dark but knows that they are one and are a part of a day. Unity. The lower minds of man sees them as separate/duality.

To teach that a single person can not ascend as high as a married person is saying that single is dark and married is light, it's duality  To say that all people can use the creative energies to create and ascend is unity. Duality is in man's eyes only, but not in God's eyes. It is our own thoughts of separation that actually separates us from God. As long as separateness exists in man's idea of duality he's not ascended to the highest level of spirituality. An ascended person knows that everything contains and is a part of it's opposite and is one. Single or married is relative. We all have a mind that is the Father and the Mother and can raise the fires and use them by the union of our dual yet united minds.

Gen.2:24 If a conscious mind (adam) and a subconscious mind (eve) emanate from Mother Father God, the two shall be one flesh (dwell in the same flesh as one)
Gen. 2:24 And they were both naked, the man and the wife, and were not ashamed

Mankind had been told to multiply. The continual flow of an immanent  lower light (lower as opposed to divine God) that itself brings into being from nothing, everything in that level of existence (the activation of willpower through the mental and emotional bodies). God the Holy Spirit expressing through the conscious mind/physical body and the subconscious invisible bodies.

Gen 3:1 Now the serpent (sexual energy) was more subtle (Refined/pure) then any beast of the field that the Lord God had made. (animals lower in thought then the human animal always have had basic/instintive sexuality)
The sexual energy began to rise and the invisible female mind began to go over what was instructed about partaking of it for physical pleasure. The sexual energy never told the mind to partake of it, the female mind decided to tell the conscious physical body it  was OK. After the spilling of the semen, the conscious mind realized what had been done and both minds as one felt ashamed.

After the fall, there are two ways to use the sexual energy to  create our highest consciousness of spirituality. 1. By holding in the orgasm (orgasm is spilling of the sperm for physical pleasure) and allowing the sexual energy to rise through the spine into the crown (Kether) Divine creating level of consciousness. (when a person is able to hold in the most pleasurable feeling in order to obtain oneness with God, it shows true love for God. )  or 2. By spilling/ mixing sperm into/with someone we love deeply (true love feels like spirituality) ( heart chakra) Since the spilling of sperm raises the energy only into the belly, true love takes it further into our hearts. Having true love (shared love that feels like spirituality) which stimulates the heart chakra causes us to be more aware of our own divine God (higher consciousness)
1.Corinth. 7:1 It is good for a man not to touch a woman. 2. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 8. I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. 9.But if they cannot contain, (hold back  the orgasm/sperm) let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.
 The Sumarian women who Yeshua offered the living water/ Holy spirit to.  Could not raise her consciousness because 1. She did not seek to know God and 2. Could not raise her sexual energy through love because she had been married to many men and her current man was not her husband  (her husbands and sexual energy was not based on love because true (spiritual) love does not change partners over and over and does not fornicate with strangers)


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