The purpose of all magical (or spiritual) practice and work is to awaken oneself to a conscious recognition of one's true nature as immortal spirit.

You'll find many statements that there are 5-15 types of magic. These are erroneous statements and are obviously being made by people who only dream of creating magic, not by the true adepts.

In reality there are only four (4) types of magic each with several magical systems falling into each category.

The Four Types Are:

1. Natural Magic-The ability to perform certain magical deeds by means of a deeper knowledge of the laws of nature. Such as magic  by Hermes Trismegistus and Zoroaster,.
Within it lies the hidden secrets of the Kabbalah.

2. Mathematical Magic-The thorough knowledge of the mechanical laws.  This was the magic of Albert the Great, among others.

3. Poisonous Magic-Dealing with philters, potions and metamorphoses. The magic of Circe, Medea and Agrippa.

4. Ceremonial Magic-The most powerful and fearful of all magics, providing intercourse with angels and demons. This is the magic of Transcendental occultism, Satanism and Witchcraft.
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