Kabbalistic Abundance Ritual

Chesed is the sphere of mercy and abundance
It is the part of our consciousness that lets us know that everything isruled with glory and magnificence. That all creatures have access to God's fortune.
Touching this level of consciousness awakens us to the knowledge of this abundance and that it is for all of us.

We must learn how to receive. During the time we are working on this level we must accept all gifts. If we can not accept the small things how can we accept total abundance. As we open and access this part of our mind, we will notice small gifts coming our way, Even if it is as small as a compliment or a stick of gum, we must accept the gift. If we turn any gift down we will block our abundance.

These small gifts open the way to receive what is truly ours, wealth, abundance and mercy.
Everything is there for us, but we have to realize and accept it.

At the same time we must also give. By giving we are saying that we are never without and we are not afraid to let go of anything because we know it will be replaced and increased. By clutching tightly to anything shows a poverty consciousness. Riches come in many forms and goes beyond material wealth. Giving and receiving can be in any form.

When we work on the level of Chesed ( He-sed) we are opening our abundance consciousness. Chesed is associated with the planet Jupiter.

Body pose/dance for abundance

Stand with feet shoulder width apart with your back straight
Lift your arms up and spread them apart like wings
You will make circular motions swinging your arms out and back around you to the right and swinging them out and around you to the back of you toward the left
You swing your arms freely in circular motions back and forth.
This is symbolic of opening up and pulling all things to you

Now sit on the floor on your legs, Push your legs out a bit to the side
Now slowly lie back until your back and head are lying on the floor your legs still under you.
Look skyward and spread your arms straight out to your sides

This position causes us to look up because our abundance comes from God Our outstretched arms and our open position puts us in the mind set to receive. You should do both these positions 4 times as in a dance. Because the number for Chesed is 4. If you are uncomfortable in the beginning do only as many as you can. The more abundance conscious you become the easier these positions will be.

On the Tree of Life Chesed is the 4th sphere from the top and is on the right side of the Tree when facing it. It is situated at the left shoulder on the body and is directly across from Geburah. To get the correct Tree/Body positions you must back into the Tree and not face it.

The Divine God Name of Chesed is EL or God The Mighty One
The Archangel most accessible at this level is Tzadkiel ( Zad Key El )
Prince of Peace

The Angel most accessible at this level is Chasmalim (Has ma Leem),
The Brilliant ones who are with the order Dominations
These all will assist you in your search for the Holy Grail

When spinning into Chesed there are 4 rotations
The hand position is ?FORM?. Form is holding the palms up
The Magickal Image is A Mighty Crowned and Throned king who brings you a gift and the gift is a drink from the King's Cup

Mental Shape Shifting

Relax in a chair or lying down undisturbed
You are in a wooded forest. It is thick with trees but one stands out. It is ancient and mysterious.
Stand outside the ancient tree, it towers above you reaching far into the heavens. See on the side of the tree an astral doorway, enter into the tree of life and allow your eyes to adjust to the darkness.  See a long hallway with candles on the wall lighting your way. At the end of the hallway there is a latter illuminated by a clear brilliant light. Climb the latter  and go to the blue Chesed Sphere. On the wall of the circular room see the sign of Jupiter burned into it.

Call to the God, the Archangel and the Angel

See now a Mighty King who is crowned and sitting on His throne.
He gets up and approaches you You bow slightly. The King puts His Cup to your lips and you drink
Take the cup in your hand and as you do..The King enters, merges and melts into you. Now you have all the Majesty Power Gory and abundance of the King. Try to keep this mindset always.

In the year 2000 Although I was expecting 50,000.00, after I worked on the Chesed level for 15 minutes 3 times a week for 2 weeks the amount of money I received was 137,500.00. Quite a difference

The Kabbalah Works

Special note to those not familiar with the Kabbalah

In the Kabbalah The God name EL means God the Mighty One. When we call out to God we use the name that describes the Attribute in God we are searching for. But we are still calling out to the One God Almighty

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